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Lighthouse Center for Therapy & Play is committed to assist in professional development opportunities, parenting, and classroom support. We offer training in Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based training to assist lay persons and professionals in ways to engage and/or assist persons in a mental health crisis. There are Play Therapy trainings from Play Therapy 101 to Trauma in Play Therapy as well as trainings to address the mental health needs of children including depression, anxiety and ways to effectively communicate with them as a parent. For teachers and educators, we can assist with implementation of Social Emotional strategies to implement in the classroom. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your training needs and would love to have you contact us at 240-389-2685 or via email

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  • Professional development opportunities for Maryland educators and childcare providers. We offer service hours for preschool teachers and can assist with coaching in implementing Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (SEFEL) strategies in the classroom and childcare settings.
  • Parent trainings for parents of preschoolers and younger children to assist with their Social Emotional development and support.
  • Assistance to teachers and Administrators to offer Social Emotional Awareness (SEA ) small groups for students that have some behavioral concerns.
  • Play Therapy trainings to professionals and staff interested in working with children and offering more structured play therapy sessions
  • We offer Play Therapy supervision and consultation to students and those working toward Play Therapy certification.

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