Mimi Ryans has been so instrumental in my life. She helped me when I didn’t believe I needed help. I took my anxiety, depression, and panic attacks as sign of weakness. I figured I would “work through” it and eventually it would go away. As a single mother of three I did not have time for that. Mimi was a true blessing. Through therapy, she was my mirror and showed me who I am, where I was, where I needed to go, and who I needed to be not only for my children, but more importantly for myself. I honestly like myself now. I like who I am because of her help. And because of that, I am a better person for myself and those around me. Thank you for being a blessing.

- S. Fraser, Upper Marlboro, MD
Ms. Ryans has not only counseled my niece who is a child diagnosed with ADHD, she has also helped our entire family understand the day-to-day needs of an ADHD child; but also how parents can better help the child as well as themselves by developing strategies tailored to fit their child and family’s particular situation.  By implementing these types of strategies, I have been able to increase my niece’s productivity, her coping skills and positive interactions with other family members.   Ms. Ryans has counseled our family over several years and has been an invaluable resource.  

-K. Mullin, Seat Pleasant, MD